Fastfender Sail

Fastfender Sail Black - packing unit for boat fender hangers

Designed for securing fenders on steel wire railings of up to 8 mm Ø (⅜" in diameter)

set contains 2 Fastfenders

Order 3 sets and get 1 extra set for free!


Fastfenders are made in Holland and we process all orders in Euro's (). While the price of your Fastfender is currently displayed in , the checkout will use Euro's at the most current exchange rate.

These premium quality Fastfenders from Holland usually ship in 1 - 3 business days.

  • Type Fastfender Sail
  • Railing thickness Max. 8 mm
  • Thickness rope 6 - 12 mm
  • Material PA6 AWAMID
  • Recyclable
  • Size 118 x 42 x 33 mm
  • Weight ca. 55 gram
  • Colors
  • Weather resistance
  • Maximum power transferring 150 kg short duration
    85 kg long duration
  • Package Details 1 set - 2 Fastfenders

The Fastfender Sail is the ultimate fender hanger for the rapid and straightforward hanging, adjustment and stowing away of boat fenders.

The easiest way to attach your boat fenders
Easily adjust your fender in height
Easy to use with one hand
Sold in pairs in either Blue, Black or White
Fastfender Sail is designed to fit onto cables up to 3/8"
The perfect gift for every boat or sailing yacht owner
Finally a sailing boat gadget that's useful

Getting the fenders properly adjusted when going into a strange marina is usually a guessing game, but not anymore! With Fastfender you, your wife or your fellow passengers are able to adjust the height of fenders in seconds!

Fastfender makes docking the boat easy: if you need to raise or lower a boat fender it's as convenient as lowering your blinds!

The Fastfender Sail can be ordered in White, Blue or Black.

Fastfenders have a great packaging and are nice to give away. All Fastfenders are made in Holland with real craftmanship. They will be sent from Holland and are always sold in pairs: each set contains 2 Fastfenders.

  • Free shipping and worldwide delivery!
  • These premium quality fender hangers from Holland usually ship in 5-10 days.
  • Be sure to order the correct size to fit your rail diameter.

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Order 3 sets and get 1 extra set for free!
The perfect gift for every boat or sailing yacht owner!
Worldwide delivery, order your Fastfenders now!