Adjust the fender height in seconds

Getting the fenders properly adjusted when going into a strange marina is usually a guessing game, but not anymore! With Fastfender you, your wife or your fellow passengers are able to adjust the height of fenders in seconds!

Attach and remove fenders

When using the Fastfender fender hanger, everyone is capable of attaching and removing fenders from your boat!

Simply slide the hooks onto the railing. Now rotate the FastFender 90° and Fastfender will easily fall into place, resting on the railing by the hooks.

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Setting up your Fastfender

Thread the rope through the bottom of the fender hanger. Now tie a knot at the end of your fender line, guide the rope to the cleat and you are ready to use your Fastfender!

Adjust your fender in height

Easily adjust your fenders in height, by using the integrated rope cleat!

Simply pull the rope slightly, so the rope comes out of the cleat as depicted in the first two images. Now you can adjust the your fender to the desired height. Once you have chosen the height, simply guide the rope back into the cleat and you are all done!

Secure your fender

To secure your fender, tie a knot at end of the fenderline.

Simple boat fender storage

The Fastfender stows away with ease and simplicity, for handy and neat storage. Once you simply tug the rope taut, the fender hangs in place.

The perfect nautical gift

Struggling to find a gift for a boat owner?

Fastfender is the perfect gift for every boat or sailing yacht owner! It has a great packaging with 2 Fastfenders and is very nice to give away.

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