Terms and Conditions by Fastfender BV.

General Terms and conditions of such Fastfender BV registered office in Leeuwarden, Havinga State 5, The Netherlands

1 In general
All our offers, agreements and their implementation shall be governed by these terms. Deviations must be expressly agreed in writing by us to be. The 'other party' in these conditions means any (legal) person, which our company has made an agreement, respectively wishes to do, and moreover, their representative (s), agent (s), assignee (s) and heirs. By the other party's own terms and conditions remain unchanged if not in conflict with these terms. In that case, our conditions always take precedence, even if otherwise stipulated priority.

2 Returns, refunds and shipping
You have 12 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it. To be eligible for a refund, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. Your item must be in the original packaging. Your item needs to have the receipt or proof of purchase.

Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and we will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after inspecting the item. If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund through the original method of payment. .

You will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs for returning your order. Shipping costs are non​refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

3 Offers
All offers made by us, in whatever form, are free, unless otherwise expressly stated. If an offer is accompanied by budget, plans, catalogs or other documents, at all times remain our property and must be delivered on demand be returned to us. They may not be reproduced without our permission, or to third parties for inspection. Transmission of offers and / or (other) documentation does not oblige us to accept an order. Non-acceptance by us as soon as possible but in any case within eight days to the other party notified. We reserve the right to cancel orders without giving reasons to refuse, or cash on delivery.

For the "Order 3 sets and get 1 extra set for free" offer, the condition applies that 3 sets of the same model and colour have to be ordered in order to receive a free set.

4 Agreement
4.1 Orders must be in writing by the client to be confirmed. If the client fails to do so but consents to the contractor commencing the performance of the commissioned, the terms of the offer and agreed. Any subsequent agreements or amendments are binding only if confirmed in writing by us. Each agreement is entered into by us under the condition that the other party - solely at our discretion - sufficiently creditworthy for the gradual fulfillment of the contract. We are entitled to or after entering into the agreement, prior to (further) performance by the other party to demand security that both payment and other obligations will be met. We are entitled to if we it necessary or desirable for the proper performance of our assignment, and after consultation with the other party, the execution of the contract others to turn, the cost to the other party will be passed konform the information cost estimates.

4.2 The client is obliged to do all that, what is reasonably necessary to ensure timely and proper delivery by the contractor to make, such as timely delivery of complete, valid data and / or materials.

4.3 Before being transferred to production, Reproduction or disclosure, the Parties have the opportunity to sample the latest models of the design review and approval.

5 Prices
Unless otherwise stated, our prices:

     based on delivery from our company, warehouse or other storage,
     excluding VAT, import duties, other taxes, levies and duties,
     excluding the costs of packing, loading and unloading, transport and insurance,
     in Euros, any rate changes are passed.

In case of increase in one or more of kostprijsfaktoren we are entitled to increase the order price accordingly, and one other subject of any relevant statutory provisions, except that known future increases in the order must be specified.

6 Cancellation
If the other party after an agreement has been reached, wishes to cancel, is 1 / 3 of the order price (including VAT) as a cancellation fee, without prejudice to our right to full damages, including lost profits.

7 Transport
The method of transportation, shipping, packaging, etc., if no further instructions from the other party is given to us by our due diligence / business practice. Any specific wishes of the other party regarding the transport / shipment shall be executed only if the other party has declared that the additional costs it will carry. We are entitled to a sustainable packaging material fee to charge, which is listed on the invoice. When we charge such a fee, will be settled after return in undamaged condition.

8 Violate intellectual property
8.1 All hardware and software, drawings, molds, lithographs, designs, sketches, models and such, by or on our behalf in the performance of the contract made​​, remain our inalienable property and the right to use them. Unless the other party written agreement agreed to pay for the above items.

8.2 Unless otherwise agreed, is not part of the assignment conducting research into the existence of patent rights, trademarks, designs and design rights, copyrights and portrait rights of third parties.

9 Liability
We exclude any liability, insofar as not by law. Our liability, the total amount of the order never exceed, unless our underwriters above coverage. Subject to generally applicable legal rules of public order and good faith, we are not liable for any damages of any nature whatsoever, direct or indirect, including loss of profits. In any case we are not liable for damages arising from or caused by the use of the product or by the unsuitability for the purpose for which the party has purchased. By the mere receipt of the goods supplied by or on behalf of the party, we are protected against any claims by the other party and / or third party to pay the damages.

10 Delivery
Unless otherwise agreed, delivery to your home / business of the other party. Free delivery only if and insofar as we agreed with the other party and on the invoice or otherwise indicated. The time of delivery is the moment when the purchased ring ready for transportation. The other party is obliged delivered or the packaging immediately upon delivery, but in any event within three working days for any defects and / or damage control, or to perform this check after notice us that the goods available to the other party. Any shortage and / or damage to the goods delivered and / or packaging which are present at delivery, the other party on the delivery, the invoice and / or shipping documents to
(to) specify, failing which the other party is deemed to have approved what is delivered. Then be commercials that respect no longer be dealt with. We are entitled to deliver in parts (partial deliveries), which we can invoice separately. Specification of the delivery time are approximate unless otherwise agreed. A vendor-specified period of delivery, unless expressly stated in writing that a deadline, it is only an approximation. The supplier is also an agreed deadline, in default until the client has given him in default. When the goods after the expiry of the delivery by the other party has not taken, they are stored at his disposal, at his expense and risk.

11 Force Majeure
Under Force majeure is understood to mean: any of the parties' independent or unforeseeable circumstances which fulfillment of the contract by the other party reasonably can no longer be required. If in our opinion the force majeure of a temporary nature, we have the right to implement the agreement so long to postpone, until the circumstances which force majeure no longer occurs. Is in our opinion the force majeure of a permanent nature, the parties may make an arrangement to dissolve the agreement and the consequences thereof. We are entitled to claim payment for the performance in the execution of the agreement are made​​, that the force majeure conditions causing proved. The party that believes in supremacy to (come) condition, the other Party immediately notify.

12 Claims
Any complaints are dealt with by us only if they made ​​direct us within eight days after delivery of the performance reached in writing, including a detailed statement of the nature and grounds of complaint. Complaints about invoices must also be submitted in writing and within eight days after the invoice date. After the expiry of this period the other party deemed delivered, respectively the bill to have approved. Claims will not be accepted by us. If the complaint is justified by us, we are only obliged to deliver the agreed performance, unless we prefer credit. Returning the can only be delivered to our prior written consent, under conditions determined by us. The client bears the risk of misunderstandings regarding the content and implementation of the agreement if these are caused by the supplier, incorrect, untimely or incomplete specifications or other communications received verbally or by a principal purpose the nominee shall be made ​​or which are transmitted through any technical means such as telephone, fax and similar transmission media. The supplier is not liable for defects, errors and flaws that went unnoticed by the customer in proofs approved or corrected. Deviations between the work and also the original design, drawing, copy or model or the typesetting, printing, or other test, can not be grounds for rejection, reduction, termination of the contract or compensation, if they are of minor importance are.

13 Payment
Unless otherwise agreed, payment in cash on delivery without any discount, or by payment or transfer to a bank appointed by us within fourteen days after the invoice date. The value date indicated on our bank-/giro-afschriften determines and is therefore regarded as a payment day.

All payments made by the other party primarily to pay any interest and collection costs incurred by us and then in principle to settle the oldest outstanding invoices. In the event the other party is declared bankrupt, assigns his estate is, a request for suspension of payments, or seizure of all or a portion of his property is laid, dies or receivership is, by force of Act or of these conditions its obligation fails - fails to pay an invoice amount or part thereof within the stipulated period, we have by the mere occurrence of one of the constituents circumstances the right either to cancel the contract or any amount owed by the counterparty based on the services provided by us, immediately and without any warning or notice is required in full on demand, without prejudice to our right to compensation for costs, damages and interest.

14 Interest and costs
If payment is not made within the period specified in the previous article has occurred, the other party is in default from the invoice date and a rate of 11 / 4% per (part of) a month on the outstanding amount. All judicial and extrajudicial costs shall be borne by the other party. The legal costs include all actual costs of legal and procedural assistance during legal proceedings is made which exceed the liquidation rate. The extrajudicial costs are at least 15% of the aforementioned including interest owed ​​by the other party, with a minimum of € 75.00.

15 Governing Law
All our offers, agreements and their implementation is exclusively governed by Dutch law.

16 Disputes
All disputes, including those which only one party regarded as such, arising out of or relating to the contract to which these conditions apply whether the conditions themselves and their interpretation or implementation, both factual and legal nature, will be decided by the competent civil court within whose jurisdiction our residence is located, unless the judge is authorized. We are nevertheless entitled to have the dispute settled by arbitration, in which case the other party in writing, we will inform. The other party shall then have the opportunity during one month to prepare for settlement by the civil courts to pronounce. If the dispute is settled by arbitration, the three arbitrators judge as fair and reasonable. Appointment of arbitrators shall thus appropriately that each party shall appoint one and the third is appointed by the two arbitrators already appointed jointly. The cost of the arbitrators and their fees will be charged to parties as the arbitrators will decide. Extent of the standing is not otherwise provided, the provisions of Book IV of the Code of Marital Procedure shall apply.

The office is located at:

Havingastate 5,
8925 AZ Leeuwarden.
KvK nr 01119317

NL Vat Nr. 8178.67.326.b01

Fastfender BV withholds the right to not accept or cancel any given order.

All trademarks appearing on this Site are the property of Fastfender bv

Retention of Personal Information
We retain the personal information we collect from you for as long as the information is relevant to our business purposes, or until you request that we remove the data by contacting us.

Shipping policy
All international shipments are shipped with UPS.
Customers are responsible for paying any freight charges incurred by refused shipment and unclaimed goods. Fastfender BV will make every effort to deliver on time. However, we shall not be held liable for delay or lost shipment.
When your order is shipped you will be sent E-mail confirmation which includes a number used to trace your package.

Delivery without V.A.T.
Companies outside the Netherlands but within the EU, may receive their order excluding VAT. Send us your VAT ID NR. with full address information. Companies and private persons from outside the EU can order excluding the VAT. (for more details on this, email to info@fastfender.nl )

Payment methode

  • all major credit cards through paypal
  • bank pre-payment to;bank: Rabobank,

city: Leeuwarden
country: the Netherlands, Europe
bank account number: 1213.66.677
IBAN: NL20RABO 0121 3666 77

NL Vat Nr. 8178.67.326.b01

Orders are proceeded when payment is clear.